O tara perfecta, membra NATO, ar trebui sa fie…

O ilustratie cu membrii NATO fara de cusur.

„The cartoon was made into a greeting card and sold in the foyer of the NATO headquarters in Brussels. During a conference held on 29 May 1989, it was used as a table mat during an official NATO dinner. Hughes-Wilson took the precaution to write underneath his drawing: „Dedicated with good humour to all members of the NATO Alliance”. Yet there were still people who didn’t appreciate the joke. One U.S. officer felt that „national stereotypes were wrong”. On the other hand, NATO secretary general Manfred Wörner defended Hughes-Wilson and felt that „anyone who could not laugh at the cartoons could not be a good member of the alliance.” Amusingly enough, Wörner was German, debunking the stereotype that people from his country lack a sense of humor. „

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Ce faceam noi in 89? Ne gandeam noi la NATO? Poate ca altii se gandeau … hihihi

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